Available to Adopt

Our adoption fee is $200.00 and includes a veterinary examination, flea treatment, worming medication, vaccines as age appropriate at the time of adoption,  rabies vaccine for cats over 16 weeks of age, spay/neuter, microchip and six weeks of free health insurance. We do require our adopted cats to remain indoors and not be subjected to declawing.

All of our cats and kittens have been given a thorough veterinary examination. They have been flea treated, worm treated, vaccinated and spay/neutered if age appropriate. If the adopted cat is too young to be spay/neutered, we will contact you when the cat is approximately 5-6 months of age. We will make sure that the cat is up to date with vaccines (responsibility of adopter) and the appointment for their spay/neuter will be made at that time.

Our adoption process is very simple! We require our adopted cats/kittens remain indoors and not be subjected to declawing. (for more information about why we don't allow our cats to be declawed, please go to www.declawing.com. We like to speak to each potential adopter first to make sure that the cat/kitten they have chosen will be the purfect fit for their family and life style. The necessary arrangements will then be made to meet the cat/kitten of your choice. If the meeting goes well, the adoption can be done at that time and your newly adopted cat/kitten can go home with you.

Worried that your current cat won't get along with the new cat?

This is a concern we hear often when people are deciding on adopting another cat into their home. When first introducing your new cat to its home and to other cats and/or dogs, some of the typical behavior you will see are hiding, hissing and growling. This is normal behavior as the cats are trying to work out their hierarchy in the home. We can provide lots of suggestions on how to introduce your newly adopted cat to your resident pet. Giving an adult cat a new life can be very rewarding.

The older companion animals give so much and expect so little...they know you've rescued them and they respond to a loving touch, soft voice and kind eyes just as we humans do.

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