Abandoned Cats Rescue (ACR) is the longest established cat rescue group in the Hamilton area. We're a Canadian Registered Charity that is entirely volunteer operated and donor funded. We respond to requests to help abandoned and neglected cats, strays, and pets needing to be re-homed. All cats and kittens taken into our care are placed in loving foster homes and, prior to being put up for adoption, are vet examined, flea/worm treated, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and provided with treatments or surgeries for any identified medical issues. We never euthanize an animal in our care unless that animal is suffering and beyond any type of medical help. We believe that there is the perfect home for ALL of our cats and that each of them deserves a chance to be loved forever!


Their story begins in Manitoba: My friend who helped with countless cats here in Hamilton for many years decided to move to Manitoba to begin a new life on her farm. Her passion for helping stray/abandoned cats did not stop. These two were found in a rural garbage dump struggling to survive. There was no hesitation on her part about what needed to be done. Unfortunately, the opportunity for cats to be adopted in this area is very limited due to the resources and mindset of many of the people. To give them that second chance, she boarded a plane with these two boys, plus 5 other kittens to bring into our care.

Cheetoh and Monroe's foster home were eagerly waiting their arrival. They are now ready to be adopted and this is what the foster mom has to say about this dual:

Monroe is a bit timid, but is gradually coming out of his shell. He's very quiet and is interested in attention, but takes some time to warm up to people. He loves his curly, green shoelace. When he's comfortable, he will stretch out for luxurious tummy rubs. He uses the litter box well and will tolerate being picked up for short periods including nail clips. He's not too sure about new environments so slow and steady wins the race. He will use the scratching post readily but prefers shredding his cardboard scratching pad, leaving all other furniture alone. Monroe prefers to let his brother, Cheetoh, take the lead.

Cheetoh is eager and outgoing. His mission is to make sure everyone loves him. Curious, and starved for attention, you're already his best friend. You just don't know it, yet. He loves to be picked up and will let you clip his nails. He's very enthusiastic about tummy rubs. He uses the litter box well and is getting the hang of scratching posts. Head bump!

We would love to see these two brothers adopted together where they can enjoy their first Christmas with their new family. Contact us to meet them