Abandoned Cats Rescue (ACR) is the longest established cat rescue group in the Hamilton area. We're a Canadian Registered Charity that is entirely volunteer operated and donor funded. We respond to requests to help abandoned and neglected cats, strays, and pets needing to be re-homed. All cats and kittens taken into our care are placed in loving foster homes and, prior to being put up for adoption, are vet examined, flea/worm treated, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and provided with treatments or surgeries for any identified medical issues. We never euthanize an animal in our care unless that animal is suffering and beyond any type of medical help. We believe that there is the perfect home for ALL of our cats and that each of them deserves a chance to be loved forever!


Maxwell is a big and sweet boy who needs a low energy home preferably with another cat. He absolutely loves making kitty friends and is very respectful of other animals boundaries. Maxwell will let you know when he would like attention and pets but also has some limits. When you enter the room he may hiss as a habit but will dive right into the pets afterwards. He loves his pets but when he has had enough, he will move or hiss to let you know he is done. He does not tolerate being picked up and likes to smell your hand before you pet him. He is a big boy that loves treats, having naps close by (even does little snores!) and playing with his toys when no one is looking! After fostering him for just over 3 weeks he has opened up a lot, but needs time to adjust and get comfortable in his new home.