Abandoned Cats Rescue (ACR) is the longest established cat rescue group in the Hamilton area. We're a Canadian Registered Charity that is entirely volunteer operated and donor funded. We respond to requests to help abandoned and neglected cats, strays, and pets needing to be re-homed. All cats and kittens taken into our care are placed in loving foster homes and, prior to being put up for adoption, are vet examined, flea/worm treated, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and provided with treatments or surgeries for any identified medical issues. We never euthanize an animal in our care unless that animal is suffering and beyond any type of medical help. We believe that there is the perfect home for ALL of our cats and that each of them deserves a chance to be loved forever!



We were contacted by a woman who runs a group home. Sadly, Cuddles owner, a resident who had turned out to be too low functioning for the home (or to be able to care for the cat), had to give him up. Cuddles owner was moved to another group home and sadly he was left behind. The group home reached out to us for help. 

Cuddles required a lot of TLC - he required a dental, he had a condition known as Entropion - a condition which causes the eyelids to turn inward, rather than lying flush and round with the eyeball (has been corrected through surgery) and through blood work he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  Cuddles was quite the trooper through everything and is now waiting anxiously to be adopted. His thyroid is controlled by daily medication which is not a problem to give him.  This is what his foster mom has to say about this handsome boy:         

Cuddles is a fluffy ginger gentleman who lives up to his name. He's a very affectionate cat who'd be delighted to spend the whole day next to you. He'll chatter a bit in the mornings, and tends to stay quiet for the rest of the day so long as there's dry food in his bowl and someone around to love him. (Cuddles loves to be loved.)

He's past the kitten phase, but still gets excited for laser pointers. Catnip doesn't seem to work for him. One of his favorite spots is a box on your desk (sunbeam coming thru the window is preferred but not required). This way Cuddles can observe all conference calls and make sure someone is there to pet him as required. He's currently the sole pet in an adult only household - his tolerance of children and other pets is unknown.   

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