I received an email about a situation involving numerous cats/kittens in a barn environment. I met a lovely mother/daughter that rents the barn to take in animals that people were going to get rid of and the fate was not going to be favorable for any of them. There is a miniature horse and her daughter, 2 other horses, Willy the pot belly pig, some bunnies and cats. It was amazing to see what these two ladies had done for all these animals.

A plan was put in place to help the kittens when they reached 8 weeks of age and to take each mother that was friendly and also bring them into our care. The other cats along with the one male who has been the culprit are now part of the SPCA's TNR program. Two of the mothers have been adopted and we also have August who is also up for adoption.

This is what Nessie's foster mom has to say - Nessie is doing great. She is totally comfortable with Reggie but is nervous about exploring outside of her room. I keep opening the door but she won't come out further than the doorway. She loves to be petted but isn't big on being picked up . But she is a lovely & sweet wee Girl. Vet figured 12 months . Right now she is content on watching a squirrel out back.

UPDATE: Nessie has black -brown fur. She is long haired but not fluffy except for her tail. She is very sweet & knows her name. She gets along with the other cats in the house , although still a bit shy to explore the entire house. Loves being petted & brushes .

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