I received an email regarding a new foster. I told her all about our local Animal Control and all the cats waiting anxiously to be rescued. We met at the shelter and after visiting many cats, my new foster picked Olive. She understood that black cats are hard to adopt and wanted to give this precious little girl every opportunity of one day finding her forever home.

This is what Olive's foster mom has to say - Olive is a playful kitty. She likes to play with wands and balls. She is affectionate and loves to be petted and cuddled. She likes to be around you; she cried when I would go into the shower, until she jumped in one day and discovered that showers are rather wet places! When I'm working from home, she is usually either sleeping on or underneath my desk. She is cool with being picked up.

She gets along well with both cats (even though she will eat their food). I caught her grooming my male cat, Mickey. I think she would do well with other cats. She gets along well with my dog, Socorro (who is a Chi mix), who chases her through the house. Both Olive and Socorro sleep on my bed. Looking for a sweet girl, why not consider adoptive Olive and giving her a forever home.


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