This poor man has gone through a lot. We are unsure of where he came from originally; however we know that he was dumped at a horse farm and was so sick the people there thought he would not make it. Between the people who board their horses and the Vet that comes to the farm, Reggie was given the care and medication he needed. It was at that point one of these people , who is a Friend, reached out to us to take him under our care.

Reggie is now a strong, healthy, friendly and playful cat, approx. 4 years old. He is in a foster home with several other cats who due to their age are not particularly interested in playing with Reg. Although for a time there were 2 kittens ( 9 months old ) who he had a great time with. Recently though he has had the opportunity to engage with a young Momma cat (Precious also available for adoption) whose babies have been adopted and they are having great fun together. They romp through the house chasing each other back and forth. I think Reggie would be very happy in a home where he has a younger cat friend. He loves his toys and when he `catches’ his toy mouse he carries it around and proudly announces what he has done. He is an affectionate boy and will happily sit beside you on the couch or curl up in bed.

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