Tobi's owners drove away and left this sweet boy behind to fend for himself. A kind neighbor was not able to take Tobi in due to her dog, but continued to provide shelter (she did bring him indoors when the weather was very cold) and food. As the weather got colder, she knew that living outdoors was no life for this friendly boy. We finally found a foster home and were able to bring Tobi indoors where he would be safe, warm and loved.

After being outside for a while, we were not sure how Tobi would react to being inside. After only a few days it was obvisous that Tobi was grateful. This is what his foster mom said only after two days "Yesterday I was worried because he was still hiding under my bed. But I just sat there talking to him nicely and then he came out so loving, rolling on his back loving the pat. It was like he was a different cat because all of a sudden he wanted to roam out of the room and explore. So all is well with him and I think he is a sweet boy with a good temperament that he will be easily adoptable."

His foster mom cannot say enough about Tobi - He is perfect - he likes his space but when you want to love him you need to invite him. As soon as you do he follows you around, on his belly and really needs his paws. I love him and already know this guy will be tough to give up, he is like a great big teddy bear.

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