Meet our handsome boy Buckley who is approximately two years of age. This is what his foster mom has to say about him only after a short period of time:

Hello! Just wanted to give you a quick update on Buckley. I have given him lots of space and only went in for short intervals to play with him and brush him. As of last night he's dying to leave the room so I started with some very small introductions (Just in case he runs out which he tries to do). I brought each animal in for only a few minutes and kept them at opposite ends. The dogs are fine with him and after a minute or 2 he was fine as well. I had both dogs, 1 at a time, right up beside him with no hissing or puffy tail. My cat will hiss when he is close to Buckley but I don't think it'll be a problem once he gets used to him. He loves to sit at the window and snuggles up to me and my bf and rolls on his back for belly rubs. He seems to be adjusting well, just nervous of new things.

Recent Upate - just another quick update on Buckley. He's doing great! Plays with my cat all the time, they are best buddies now. He's fine with the dogs now and has adjusted very well. He loves to sit and watch my fish tank and at night he sleeps on the bed and snuggles. He's such a great guy and adapts really well to new situations.

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