One of our fostered was driving behind another vehicle when a cat ran out under the car in front of them. They watch as the cat tumbled under the car as it continued without stopping to see if this cat was fine. Our foster home did and we were not able to find his owners if he had any. He was very scared, skinny and needed help.

Tehya had used up one of his lives that day, but continues to thrive in his foster home. This is what they had to say "he is becoming much less shy and also ventures downstairs. He is not hissing or anything at the dogs Teyha just runs if they make quick movements He is so cuddly.

He is very quiet, even when he does meow they are so soft and sweet. He is curious, we got him some little kitty toys, he is not so sure what to do with them, but we keep playing with him and he now shows interest in chasing this little scrunchy thing.

The last picture is of Tehya looking up from the truck floor just after being rescued and on his way to the vet for an examination. We were happy to learn that he had suffered no serious injury.


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