When Jobin was adopted the first time, it was to be forever, but that was not the case for this handsome boy. For whatever reason, his owners did not want him any longer and returned him into our care.
Jobin is 3 years of age and just an amazing boy. We cannot for one moment understand why he was not wanted. He is a very friendly boy that just wants to be around people and to be loved.

Jobin was not being himself in his present foster home with all the other cats and two small dogs. We thought it would be best to move him where he would be more comfortable. We were lucky to find a new foster that had no other animals so we kept our fingers crossed hoping that this what Jobin wanted and needed.

We were right!!! Here is what his new foster mom has to say only after 1 week -
Jobin was placed in my home because we are new to fostering and had no pets and the rescue agency wanted to see if he would do better in a single cat home. Well I'm proud to advise that Jobin is doing extremely well. I'm excited to see him come out of his shell. He definitely is not the same cat I picked up. His confidence grows on a daily basis.

I love watching him turn into the amazing and wonderful cat he is. He is very loving and affectionate. He is a very quiet cat. He loves to be petted and would let you do it for hours. He is timid around loud noises but recovers quickly. He is quick to come and greet you when you first get up in the morning and when you arrive home at the end of the work day. Jobin is a joy to have and a extremely well behaved cat who loves to play. Jobin would best be suited for a family with older kids and no other pets.


Jobin is doing great. He is so much fun and full of spunk. Every night he gets a hyper spell right before we turn in for the night. He runs around all crazy and once I turn the lights out he joins me for the night in bed. I can't say for sure but he looks a lot thinner as well. I haven't tried to weigh him yet. He continues to have no problems with eating. I can't get the food in his dish fast enough. His head is in the dish before the food is. He is quite the joy to have around.


Well Jobin isn't such a big boy anymore. I can tell that he has lost a few pounds. It is quite sleak now. He looks great! He is very happy and very playful. I think Jobin should have been a dog though. He allows my son to rub his belly and he plays fetch. We found that he loves these balls that are almost pom pom like. He runs and chases his ball non stop unless he loses it under the couch or stove. My son will throw the ball and Jobin will go after it and bring it back and wait for it to be tossed again. He also will go after what like I to call the "phantom throw". Just like a dog would, you pretend to throw the ball and he chases after it until he realizes you still have it. He is so much fun.

Jobin would certainly become your best bud once he settles in. Interested in adopting this handsome boy, contact us


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